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Arlington TX

Arlington, Texas is a bustling city located smack dab in the center of the DFW area. To the west of Arlington there is Fort Worth a major metropolis of several millions of people. To the east of Arlington, TX 76018 there is a Dallas an even larger city. Many of the residents of those two major cities come to Arlington for fun and relaxation.

When residents come to Arlington for fun and relaxation there are some things to choose from to fill out their days. One such activity is great to do when then temperature gets over 90 degrees and that is to visit the largest waterpark in the area Hurricane Harbor. Visitors there can relax under the sun, float lazily around in the last river or choose from a variety of water slides to get the blood pumping. In ArlingtonĀ’s Hurricane Harbor, there is also a section for the little ones to cool off in child friendly environment. Not matter what the choice the water park in Arlington, TX is a great way to cool off.

On top of cooling off in Arlington, TX there is another great park to visit to really get the blood flowing and that is Six Flags Over Texas. Patrons can spend an entire day at the park taking in a variety of shows, food, rides, and coasters. Six Flags has one of the tallest ride called Titan. For patrons who wish to go high and fast this is the ride for them. There are also some fun rides for kids and for families.

Another thing for families to do in Arlington, TX is to go to a Rangers baseball game. The stadium is located only a few minutes south of I-30 on Copper street. The stadium is an uncovered stadium that gives a great feeling of being outside and watching the game. The ball team has many great days for the family to join the game and some great fun too.

Another, great activity that Arlington has to offer is that the Dallas Cowboys stadium is now also located in Arlington. It is just across the street from the Rangers stadium and both share parking. Not only does the stadium house the Dallas Cowboys football games, but many other great venues too. Music concerts take place there, boxing matches, and other great things to do as well. No matter the reason for the visit to Arlington, TX one can always find something great to do for the whole family to make the stay a great one. See you there.