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As a mother myself I know how important those very special newborn moments can be. I have taken many newborn photographs of my very own children and when I look back on them it makes me tear up becasue they are not my little babies anymore.

I strive to make every photo shoot as if it was one of my very own childern siting there for the photo. I will treat you and your newborn like you are the most inportant people in the universe.

I take any kind of family photography very seriously and I want you to love your professional portrait photographs for years to come. I also want you to be able to look back at those pictures of your little ones and remember what your newborn looked like. Even 100 years or more form now they or there children can look back at those pictures and see how he/she looked when they could fit into your arms.

THE BEST PART IS you can Schedule a newborn photography sitting NOW!